AU Meme: Being Aaron Carpenter’s girlfriend

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AU Meme: Luke, having a massive crush on you, would do anything for you to notice him; including keeping his hair down instead of its usual quiff.

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AU MEME: Ash is a youtube vlogger and you’re his girlfriend.


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au meme; you’re dating jack and you have been for a while, because of this you started hanging out with his friends quite a bit, especially matt. he was like a brother to you, but jack was jealous and over-reacted - leading to him having a fight with matt and writing a song for you apologising for everything. (requested by anon)


AU Meme: Being Hayes Grier’s girlfriend

Requested by anon

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AU: You’re a well-known youtuber dating 5SOS drummer Ashton Irwin. Many of your subscribers ask that you involve him in your daily vlogs.

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